Why Avon 39?

Avon 39

Let’s get real – pushing ourselves physically and mentally is really a big big deal!  When you are the one with Breast Cancer, you know what I mean!  You pull all of your strength and courage to walk thru the process of fighting the fight!

Why some make it and some don’t?  I don’t know.  I am one that made it!  I am not one to ask “Why Me?” But this time I did?  Why did I make it after fighting for almost 2 years, and someone else didn’t?  Obviously, I can’t answer that!  And walk 39.3 miles in two days?  This time, I had to give this some thought!  What would motivate me when my legs are burning, my hips are aching and my entire body feels like a mack truck just ran right over it!

You know, It’s never been about me.  Nothing is.  But if it is for someone else, someone that I believe in, then yes, my ears are open and my  brain says “sure!”  But my brain doesn’t exactly know what it is thinking!  Physically, this will be one of the toughest things that I ever do.   Getting my body strong enough to handle the walk is a big big challenge – (I am not getting any younger here!)  But watch this video my friends, I believe you will see why I am so inspired!

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