Transitions ~ who said they were easy

Ok, let’s be honest – “Transitions?”

We go thru “transitions” every single day!  Usually, we don’t think about them much, but there are times, like having to make a physical move, or start a new job – that literally tries your very being.  Moving, I believe is the #1 issue when it comes to Transitions!  Why?  Just when you think that things are going well, the bottom falls out.

Transitions Once Again

I don’t know about you, but usually, transitioning from one spot to the next doesn’t get to me.  But every now and then it does!  2017 is to be the year that I finally feel settled, that I have a couple of jobs that I love and I move to a place where I can sit on the porch or back deck, close my eyes, and just feel peaceful.  Financially, I would be getting back on my feet and feeling a bit more secure.

Well, I started out on the right foot – the house is coming into being, the back deck is new, the front porch has my two chairs on it – and I am moving to a small but homey 3 bedroom 2 bath home.  It sits on an acre and the wild grass and flowers are just shooting up!

I was moving and cleaning on Saturday with my two dear friends, and after they left, I was still cleaning.  But I decided to call it a day (or an evening) and took Sophia outside to explore the yard.  I can’t let her off leash yet as the yard isn’t fully fenced.  We walked over to the property line – the side that has nothing on the next property and found that tall grass and wild flowers growing and moving so gently in the breeze.

Sophia bounded off into the wild flowers where the grass and wild flowers were so tall that I couldn’t see her.  Yes, she is at the end of my extended leash, but I literally couldn’t see her.  It was as if the grass and flowers just swallowed her up!

All of a sudden a little black head appeared briefly – she was looking to make sure that I was still there – but she quickly went off in a different direction and would pop up every so often – it was really cute and she was having so much fun.  She put that big smile on my face.

To set the record straight, I just moved about 10 months ago – into a guest house just one block off Sutter Street in Folsom.  I honestly thought I would be here in my guest house for a couple of years.  Though I knew it wasn’t the place I would settle.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my guest house.  I have both cats and my dog and we walk Sutter Street all of the time.  It is great being down in Old Folsom.   During the spring and summer months – we can walk to the different venues to sit and listen to great music, check out the vendors, stop in at a couple of great eating places and order our food to go.

But the home that we are moving to just feels right.  I will be able to catch my breath, dig in the dirt, create a great raised bed garden and be able to unwind after a long day of working.  Moving though is stressful no matter where you move to.  Disrupting your routine, changing your address once again for the many different entities, making sure you put a change of address in at the post office and the additional things that goes along with a move (that you may not think about.)

Check out this book by Margery Walshaw – Full Color Life – “Margery Walshaw has worked with creatives throughout the world. She’s noticed that those who are most successful view life as if seeing a rainbow — dramatically and in full color.”  Even if you aren’t the creative type, this will still apply to you.  I see lots of color, I love color and bright vibrant colors – but I also like those soft pastels – I guess it just reflects the type of mood I am in.

I found this book to be very good – as with all things, apply the principals that work for you – it doesn’t mean that everything she says you have to do.  We are all different – glean the nuggets for you and let me know how you are doing.

Nope, it isn’t easy.  It isn’t flawless, and little things crop up all of the time.  But this “Transition” feels right.



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