Starting Over

Starting Over

Starting Over at 65!

I have known for some time that things would change.  Finally that last straw was taken.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were, what matters is “You Knew This Would Happen!”  People change, some change at different times in their lives – meaning a couple may not grow at the same pace.  As you get older, with more experience behind you, with more action and dealing with issues, you grow.

For me, I was the one changing.  Life does that to you.  A “bout” with breast cancer, serious back surgery and several Changes Woman walking awayimplant surgeries later, I found that my perception on life was definitely changing.  I am not one to feel sorry for myself, but going thru issues that will change the course your life takes – does the changing for you.

But wait!  I am not in my 40’s or 50’s!  I am in my 60’s!  And it is scary out there!  Yes, I have my own business, and I work hard – but I had reached that time frame where I didn’t need to work full-time.  I actually truly worked just part-time – between 10 – 15 hours a week.  Now?  I don’t even count the hours any more.

I didn’t move out of our home for over a year after we separated.  I knew that I had to deal with so many different feelings and adding the move on top of all the changes was just too much.  I also had to be ready to accept the change – “ending the chapter of my life as I knew it” and I honestly just could not do that yet.

Being surrounded by friends and colleagues also helped me.  It helped me to adjust and to reason out the process that my life was going to take.

But I knew that I would move.  I just had to be ready to do so, accepting the fact that this chapter of 26 years was definitely closing and a new chapter was beginning.  Did I want to move?  Not really – I was open to it, but I hadn’t decided to make that initial final decision – but then, the landlords made it for me.  The raise in rent and security deposit was just too much to take.  And honestly?  That is exactly what I needed – because it did force my hand.

I have a dear (Boomer) lady friend that just made a huge move.  Her and her husband lived in a 3400 square foot home and they downsized to a 1200 square foot home!  Actually, they hadn’t really decided to sell their home but their realtor called and said “This is a good time to put your home on the market!”  So, they did.  Anticipating that it would take a few months – their home sold in (3 weeks!)  Now that is calling the tea kettle black!  They had to move!  They had to find a place and they weren’t sure where they were going to end up.

But you know what?  It was for the best!  They are right on Sutter Street in Old Town Folsom, and they love it there!  But it was an excruciating move!  Completely not prepared for.

When my dear friend found the guest house (that I am now in!) I set up the appointment and came and looked it over.  Meeting my (new to be landlords) was a good meet – and I had a dear friend and client that met me there to make sure that things went ok!

This was their first time renting to anyone.  The guest house, which is above the garage, was just finished and everything was brand new!  I had already told them about Sophia, my Sharpei pup!  But I hadn’t mentioned my (2 kitties) – I wanted to meet them first and see the guest house.  The minute I walked up those stairs and checked things out I knew that this was the right place for me!  But I was definitely downsizing!  At the time, I was in a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home – 2400 square feet and I was moving into a guest house – 1 bedroom, 1 bath – 900 square feet!

Judy's Ford Raptor

Say what?  You are kidding me right?  What in the heck was I going to do?  I will fast forward and let you know that the move is completed.  Since I can’t park my Ford Raptor into the single car garage, I am using that garage as storage.  But man oh man, did I have to give things up!  I was a complete basket case for 3 weeks.  I forgot how much goes into moving!  It isn’t just a matter of moving your things, it also includes all of the change of addresses, the forwarding of your mailing address, the utilities, the sign ups for new utilities, the whole mess!

I even left my truck – on one moving day!  My brain was on overload, my body was aching and sore, my legs did not want to climb those stairs leading into my guest house one more time!

Since I had to make one last trip back to my old home, I just walked out, got in the car of my friend and she took me back!  We arrive, I get out of her car, and everyone says to me, “Where’s your truck?” – I look around and say “I thought you took it back!”  And believe you me, you cannot miss that truck!

Good news, nothing happened to it.  My friend saw the truck, found it unlocked, reached in and got my cell, my extra set of keys and my purse and promptly locked it up!  I am still shaking my head, as I cannot believe that I actually did that!

So my friends, I am definitely on a new journey!  Is it exciting?  At times.  Is it challenging?  “Yes!” Is it for the best?  “Time will tell” – Starting over at 65 is scary, exciting, humbling and doable.


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