Judy’s Ford Raptor ~ Paid In Full!

Checkbook out, pen in hand, I entered Schools Credit Union with the biggest smile on my face, my Ford Raptor is getting paid off today!  Judy's Ford Raptor "My Bad Ass Truck!" Judy’s bad ass truck (so kindly named from my dear friend Virginia), who named this truck about three years ago!  It just fits!

I am sure every one of you have been in this situation – high truck payment, low in funds, looking for additional work to make ends meet . . .  and the realization that you may have to sell the one thing that you cherish!

I can honestly say, there were a couple of times I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to hang on to my bad ass truck.  It literally tore me apart just thinking about it.  But reality is reality – and when you don’t have grocery money and your last $10 for gas (which doesn’t go very far in that truck) you tend to start thinking you may have to put pride aside and be realistic and sensible.

Step Forward First ~ Take a Chance ~ Ford RaptorThe caveat though – was the fact that if I hung in there for another year ~ that Ford Raptor would be paid off.  Now mind you, if I was only a year or so into truck payments – that truck would have been sold to some great guy who would know what a value  they would be getting!  But that definitely wasn’t going to happen!

At the time, I had a couple of years to go (which beat getting an entirely different vehicle with payments for much longer then 2 years!  So – I would tell myself “One more month Judy!”  I flat out refused to look at the long term.  (How long I would struggle to hang onto this truck)

I knew me, and thinking about two more years was frightening in itself – so I decided to look at it as one day at a time.  As soon as I made that Ford Raptor monthly payment, I would sigh relief (for a couple of days) then I would be back at the worry side of things knowing I had to have that payment for the next month.

But the one day at a time method did work!  It helped me to focus on what had to be dealt with at that specific time – and I didn’t have time to worry about what would happen next week or next month.  What was interesting to me was the fact that this mind set concept was actually working for other things that I had to deal with.   This actually took the pressure off – you know, they say “not to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet!”  Well, that’s all and good, but hey they aren’t living my life – so following your own “Words Of Wisdom” isn’t always easy!

But the interesting part is this:

  • Things started getting completed!  (Like who would know that?)  🙂
  • I was feeling more in control of me ~ what a concept huh?
  • I always kept up my day-timer – and still do ~ but I would write down what I would accomplish that day – after I would randomly write all over the pages all the things that came to mind that I needed to get done!
  • I stopped feeling guilty if I didn’t get something completed – I would move it to the next day ~ but many times that didn’t work – so I would sit a moment and think it through – then move it to a day that I felt it would get completed (not the next day – just to make me feel better)

Ford Raptor Paid in Full - Life isn't easy You want to know the best part?  When I walked out of that credit union, it literally felt like a heavy weight was lifted right off my shoulders!

I hadn’t realized how heavy a burden it had been ~ no matter how much I enjoyed that truck, felt safe in that truck or took Sophia, my black Sharpei on little side jaunts, I had that burden of payment on my mind.

Making my last Ford Raptor truck payment was the highlight of my day and receiving the title in the mail was the icing on the cake.

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