Hurdles – How to Handle Them!


How do you describe Hurdles?  There are many different types.  Don’t you just hate it when people tell you that “Things happen for a reason?”  Later, after all the hubbub dies down, you can look back and sometimes you say “Now I know why that happened!”  Or you will realize that because of a door closing or opening wide – another just happens to come into your space!

Overcomimg Hurdles Judy Musgrove

But usually, things happen in 3’s – I am not joking!  For me (Hurdle #1) the first hurdle was moving!  Moving from a 2400 square foot home to a 900 square foot home.  What a nightmare!  When I could finally just rest my head on my very own bed – and when I realized that the house work was so much less – that is when I started to smile!  I am sure you all know this very feeling.

Just as things were evening themselves out – I was getting finances under control, settling into my new home – loving my environment, my new neighborhood, meeting some fantastic new people disaster struck!

Hurdle #2 . . . .

You see, I was training to do the Avon 39 walk in San Francisco, July 23rd, 24th.  Sophia, my Sharpei pup, was my constant walking companion – and we were up to walking 14-15 miles!  In my infinite wisdom I decided on the weekend of June 25th/26th that we would do a double!  Saturday, we would walk 15 miles and I would turn around on Sunday and do it again.  I was testing myself to see how I would hold up!

Sophia cooling off in the American River - HurdlesSaturday morning we left the house at 6:45 a.m. – we walked across the Folsom Truss Bridge on our way to hit the American River Loop Trail.  We were doing good – pace was moderate and Sophia loves laying in the river to cool off – so at key intervals I would walk her down to the water and let her lay – I call this her cooling off time.

As we approached a cut off point – we were down by the Shadow Glenn Horse Stables – I decided to walk up to the main road to get a feel for where we were (road wise)   (We were actually below Main Street – Fair Oaks)

We ran into Margaret and her dog Dexter – he is a rescue and pretty afraid of other dogs – but he liked Sophia – so we teamed up and decided to walk the Equestrian trail – a new area for myself and Sophia.

This is where things happened.  The Equestrian trail loops around and connects back to the main American River Trail – and we were almost to the connecting pathway – we had to cross over a rock bed.

Sophia and I were in the lead, as she started to walk across the rock bed – she stepped down into a hole – it turned out to be a baby rattlesnake nest!  (Margaret and I did not realize that at the time!  There wasn’t any noise, no other visuals – and people were crossing this rock bed and hadn’t run into any issues)

All Sophia did was lift her paw – she didn’t cry out or utter a sound.  My first thought was that she picked up a pebble or a sticker / weed – but upon examination – there wasn’t anything there.  I told Margaret that she was bleeding – but I still thought she might have scraped her paw on the side of a sharp rock.  I believe that we both had the same thought at the same time – I just asked Margaret – “Do you think she was struck by a rattler?”

Let’s fast forward – Margaret’s son found us – he brought a wagon – I put Sophia in the wagon and Margaret and I pushed and pulled that wagon up to the horse stables parking lot.  We were picked up by Tony, Margaret’s friend and off we went to the vet.

Note to everyone!  NOT ALL VETS HAVE THE ANTI-VENOM!  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation – call around – it was the third vet – VCA Sacramento Medical Group on Madison and Manzanita in Carmichael that had the anti-venom.

Sophia recuperating - HurdlesWith their quick thinking and work – they saved Sophia’s life.  She had (3) vials of the anti-venom to bring her blood count and vitals under control.  Just like us, our furry friends need additional help recovering from surgery (or an extensive process like Sophia) 

A month has passed – and she is back walking, running and eating.  I have taken her to SBarkles – next to Trader Joe’s for her beauty parlor treatments – yep, it is a do it yourself grooming for your 4 legged buddy!  Sophia actually walks up the ramp now!

Sophia and I are out walking each morning – early – as it is way to hot to walk a little later.  The furthest we have walked at one time now is 6 1/2 miles!

Since things usually happen in three’s – here is the (3rd Hurdle) – Not walking in the Avon 39 walk in San Francisco.  

As much as I wanted to fulfill this challenge, not let any of my friends and family down, I couldn’t pay for 2 nights in a hotel and parking.  I am not complaining – I am just letting you know the reality of something as traumatic as caring for your special friend – the additional expense was something I did not count on at all.

I had raised much needed funds, friends, family and others donated on my behalf – and I am most thankful to all that did.  Breast cancer (or any cancer) is truly a huge fight for your life.  Some do make it thru the battle and others don’t.  I was walking for those that couldn’t.  Please know that my heart was with all those that walked last weekend.  My thoughts, energy and prayers went out to all that participated.  It was one of the hardest decisions to accept.  I knew I could walk it, but it just wasn’t the right time.

Hurdles, how we overcome them, what we do to minimize and sometimes a good ol’ pity party is what the doctor ordered.

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