Connecting to your audience is key.  Your story is that connection.  Your brand is that connection.  Whether you sell products or services doesn’t matter.  Creating quality content, telling your story in snippets, being creative, honoring your word, connecting on a personal level is key to creating quality clients and referrals.

Do you realize there are now 1.74 BILLION websites on the internet?  With that said, how are you going to stand out?  Think about this.  Defining your “signature program”, figuring out your “iconic distinction” is the #1 priority.  

I have been in the technology field since I was 19 years old.  Adapting to change has always been an adventure for me.  Actually, I had no choice!  Starting out as a keypunch operator, teaching elementary school students, doing phone support for Microsoft and working as an HP Software Test Engineer are just some of the technology jobs I held.


June 2002 when my business entrepreneurship began.   My cousin went back to school at the age of 50 and became an Esthetician.  She approached me and asked if I could create her a business card, brochure and website!  That was just the beginning,  It progressed to evaluating software for her Salon business ~ she wanted and needed a great appointment system, but wasn’t sure if any of the software programs were a right fit. 

Going full-time as a Small Business Entrepreneur did not happen until 2006.  In 2005, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I went out on leave from my current job and was out of commission for over a year.  Once I was on the path to wellness, I went back to work.  But I had changed.  Call it my wake up call.  I knew I had to reduce work related stress and I thoroughly enjoyed doing the side work for my cousin.  She started referring other boomer entrepreneurs to me.  Because I was receiving so many referrals I took the plunge.

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