A Little Bit About Judy Musgrove

Judy Musgrove and Sophia (her Sharpei Pup)Hello there!  Yes, this is Judy Musgrove.  I am a WordPress web designer, blogger, social media marketer and digital content creator.  But this site is my personal site. While I realize the importance of showing a personal side to yourself regarding your business, I am using this site to talk about:

  • Me – hurdles, issues and solutions
  • Transitions
  • Inspirations
  • Things that I am interested in
  • Sophia (my Sharpei Pup)

I sincerely hope you enjoy the blog posts and the commentaries.  I love learning, exploring, reading and walking!  Sophia and I walk every morning – rain or shine!

I have (2) cats – Nugs (a white and orange kitty) and Captain Midnight – all black part persian – and he sheds so very much!  Nugs and Sophia are buds – while Midnight couldn’t be bothered!  He is king tut though in this house!  He sits up high and watches over the two of them playing and if Nugs utters a particular sound Midnight is facing off with Sophia!

We live in Orangevale (on an acre) and we walk everywhere.  I am getting to know Orangevale and really like it!  The Orangevale Community Park is a great little park with a few trails, an equestrian center and playground for the kids.  Sometimes, Sophia and I walk to that park and all around – visit the horses, stop and talk to them and just have a great time.

We also walk the American Loop Trail and I am amazed at all of the trails around.  Bike riders are everywhere!  Walkers, Joggers and pet walkers!

So, sit back – let me know your thoughts!  Tell me about a great book you are reading – and share what you like to do!  I look forward to getting to know you!